21 January 2018

My Totally Unofficial Battlegroup:Cold War - Aircraft Data

The second post for the day revolves around aircraft data that will allow you to use the aircraft listed in the army lists.  Please not weapons data is not included here - it is found in the relevant section on aircraft in the army lists.

NATO Aircraft Data

Soviet Aircraft Data

These lists are not comprehensive but should cover the lists already provided.  The Soviet list looks pretty scant compared to the NATO list - so I may have missed something!

A lot of the info in the data is not really necessary in the game - as you primarily use the Combined Defence Rating, Damage Points and the Special Rules.



My Totally Unofficial Battlegroup:Cold War - some Northern Front Lists

Hi everyone - a couple of very quick posts today - the first of which will have links to several NATO and one Soviet list for the Northern (Arctic) Front.  These can of course be combined with the Soviet Naval Infantry and Danish lists I've previously provided.  So here are the NATO lists which should be pretty self-explanatory:

Norwegian Battlegroup

Canadian CAST Battle Group

Royal Marine Commando Battlegroup

USMC Battlegroup

The Soviet list is for Motor Rifle Troops from the Leningrad Military District which are specialised in Arctic warfare.  The List covers both Category 1 or A (whichever book you read) and Category 2 or B Motorised Rifle Divisions.  Here it is

Leningrad District Motor Rifle Division Battlegroup

Any questions etc please let me know.  Always happy to take comments and feedback



18 January 2018

My Totally Unofficial Battlegroup:Cold War - some Central Front AFV and Weapon Data

As the final part of this weeks uploads which will complete everything you really need to play my variant of Battlegroup:Cold War I'm adding all the Soviet and NATO AFV and gun data for the lists I provided earlier this week.

First up the NATO info:

Canadian AFV Data

Danish AFV Data



West German AFV Data

NATO Gun Data

Now the Soviet info:

Soviet Army AFV Data

Soviet SNI Data

Soviet Gun Data

I've tried to stat the vehicles and guns as best I could, but as always I don't claim to be 100% knowledgeable on this stuff, just tried to piece it together from what I've read over the years.  As I said earlier we've go decent games from these stats and where we ended up with "What the.." moments I've adjusted values accordingly.

Also happy to get feedback, corrections, suggestions and even objections!  Happy to make changes where appropriate.

So that's pretty much it for this week.  I'm away for work most of next week so my not get much of a chance to add any more info - but immediately after that I'll start adding the Arctic Front lists and stats.  I've also to add Aircraft and Helicopter data when I can.



17 January 2018

My Totally Unofficial Battlegroup:Cold War - some Central Front Soviet Lists

Now onto Part 3 of the upload of my Totally Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War information

Today I've uploaded the two primary Soviet lists for Central Front scenarios.  They are as follows:

Soviet Tank Division Battlegroup

Soviet Motorised Rifle Infantry Division Battlegroup

With these two lists you should be able to put together forces representative of pretty much anything the Soviets fielded in GSFG and the Western TVD follow-on forces from the late 1970s/early 1980s up until around 1987.

I also have a Soviet Airborne/Heliborne list but I'm not 100% happy with it so won't post it up yet.

As I said yesterday, both lists have been pointed/BR'd and I've tried to make the points as accurate as I can in comparison to the other lists in the game.  However, I don't claim them to be 100% perfect, but we've had some good games out of them.

Again I am very keen to get any feedback, corrections, suggestions, objections etc etc.

Thanks again for the interest


16 January 2018

My Totally Unofficial Battlegroup:Cold War - some Central Front NATO Lists

OK - part 2 of the upload of my Totally Unofficial Battlegroup:Cold War information.

Today I've uploaded my completed NATO Central Front Lists.  They are as follows:

West German Panzer Division Battlegroup (works for Panzergrenadiers as well)

United Stated Armoured Division Battlegroup (works for Mech Infantry as well)

UK Armoured Division Battlegroup (works for Mech Infantry as well)

UK Berlin Brigade Battlegroup

Canadian 4CMBG Battlegroup

I have plans and have also started lists for Belgians and Dutch, along with other types of forces for the Americans, Brits and West Germans.  One day I'll get around to doing the French as well.

The lists have all been pointed/BR'd and I've tried to make the points and BR as accurate as I can in comparison to the other lists.  It's not a perfect set of points by any means but they have worked quite well in our various playtest games.

Once again I'd be interested in any feedback, corrections, objection etc etc



14 January 2018

My Totally Unofficial Battlegroup:Cold War Rules

For the first post of 2018 (and my 400th post) I have a short but significant (to me anyway) link to share.  After seeing another Battlegroup Cold War type rules variant posted on The Guild, I asked Piers and Warwick if they were OK with me posting up my variant of the rules for others to use.  Piers basically said "Go for it" so now I'm posting them.

Here's a link to my Totally Unofficial Battlegroup:Cold War Rules.  You'll note I have them listed on the right hand side as well for easy reference into the future.

Over the next few days and weeks I'll be posting links to all my weapon and vehicles statistics, army lists, quick reference sheets etc.

You'll note the rules have a couple of spots where it's clear I haven't resolved something - and I don't believe certain areas (like Helicopters) is anywhere near final - but this is a work-in-progress and its time to seek more input.

So any comments, suggestions etc will be gratefully considered.  Obviously I'd love you to try out the rules as much as you can.  Just because they work for my group of mates - they may not work for everyone and I'd like to know that.

I'll be passing on any changes that get made to the rules/lists/stats etc to Piers and Warwick - so this is kind of a chance to help shape things a little on what Battlegroup:NORTHAG might finally turn to look like.

Anyway - enough waffle from me

Thanks - and I hope you enjoy them


21 December 2017

Fabbri Soviet MAZ-535A Artillery Truck

Just a quick update this week.  It's been very busy here and in preparation for having friends over for Christmas I've had to drop WW3 painting and do something a little bit different for a change.  So I've been slamming my way through the contents of Fantasy Flight Games Imperial Assault, trying to get all the figures painted before we can get in a Christmas marathon of IA games.  With a marathon hopefully meaning more than 1 game!

Anyway... I found I had taken a couple of photos of another Fabbri diecast vehicle I got a while back, which I had not posted up so I thought I would share it now:

This is actually a pretty nice vehicle.  I've seen someone dirty their's up a bit and it looks even better.  I might try and pick up another one down the track.

So that's it for today, and being realistic, quite possibly it for 2017.  As always my plans for the year heavily outweighed my achievements, but I moved a few projects further along the track so all in all I'm pretty happy with the year.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a great 2018.  I'm thinking 2018 may turn out to be a pretty special year for me.

Thanks - and happy holidays!